A Website Became a Must for My Growing Business

I wondered if ecommerce website design is easy to handle or if I would need to be a big part of the process. I didn’t want to be part o the process. I running on all cylinders as it was each day with my business. I’m a good business owner, but I’m also someone who does not always think things through, which means that I severely underestimated how hard it is to run a business. But I’m a person who is determined. I will get my business far enough into being a success that I can hire more people to do more work so that I don’t have to work 16 hours per day all throughout the week.

My company has done well locally. I suspected that the toys that I invented would do pretty good, but I never assumed that they would fly off all the shelves of the local stores where they were stocked. When they began selling out, local consumers began calling our company to find out if they could purchase from us directly. That is when we began selling via mail order. We had to try to race to keep up with orders, and we did not always do such a good job with keeping up. Customers overwhelmed our phones and our receptionist. I then understood that we really needed to have a website. A website would allow us to alert customers to whether or not we had product is in stock, when they can expect it to be in stock and more.

I began talking to a website design firm that promised me that they would create a custom site for the business that I would be proud of putting in front of customers. I did not want to be part of the process every step of the way. I wanted to give them initial info and they get it right the first time. They did just what I wanted.