What Do You Do when Your Daughter Wants You to Buy Her a Horse?

Our daughter came to us one evening and asked if we would buy her a horse. She had went riding the week before, and now she was convinced she wanted to own a horse. I told her that if she learns everything she can about caring for horses including the cost of ownership along showing a real sustained interest in riding, then we would consider it. Well, she never let up a bit in six months, so now we are buying the horse she has been riding as well as buying childrens equestrian clothing for her to wear when she does ride.

All of the other girls wore outfits specifically made for riding horses. They have a tight-knit group, and the other older girls have given our daughter some things they have grown out of. Our little girl has become picky about the brands she wants to wear after getting the opportunity to try out different childrens equestrian clothing, so we got her a couple of outfits for her birthday along with a new fashionable horse rug to keep her horse warm. The riding saddle was the biggest investment next to the horse. I had no idea what those things cost. It was an eye-opening surprise to say the least. However, after seeing the workmanship and the time that goes into making a riding saddle, I am surprised they do not cost a lot more than they do.

The team attitude our daughter is learning as she rides and is learning to compete with her group of equestrian friends is invaluable. The return on investment seeing her bond with the horse and her horse-riding friends makes every expense worth it. I actually wish I would have been able to participate in something like this when I was a child. This is a traditional sport that should be preserved.